KMSAuto Net Activator Download For Windows [2020]

KMSAuto Net happens to be a Windows and Office Product activator. With this tool, you can activate any Windows version from 7 to 10 for free.

This activator does not spam your Windows during the course of making it original. It does the activation without turning you system into that of a spammer.

This activator does not just activate your Windows, instead it equally authenticates any Microsoft Office that you may be using. Regardless of the version of Office you are using.

There is almost no limit on the Office product you can activate, as it can also activate Microsoft Office 365. You cannot have this favor with any other activator.

Size5.0 MB
RequiresNet Framework 4.0
DeveloperTeam DAZ
Content Rating5 Stars
FeaturesOne Click

KMSAUTO isn’t just an activator for Windows 10, it does way more than that. It is more like a general-purpose activator which helps you with multiple features besides authenticating your Windows.

KMSAuto is useful in activating Microsoft Windows Operating Systems like 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc. That means it’s unnecessary to download as well as install various activators when you have an intention to install different versions.

Also, it can be employed in making your Microsoft Office genuine; activation of MS office versions from 2006 to 2016, which includes Office 365 is possible with this activator.

And the beautiful thing about this tool is that it is easy to operate because of its user-friendly interface.

The security of this tool is never in doubt, and it’s free of any virus unlike other activators that go along with Trojans or virus which destroys your system. That is why KMSAuto has become very famous amongst individuals – it is reliable and simple to use.

How KMSAuto Functions

KMSAuto is similar to Microsoft KMS Server in terms of operation. KMS is Key Management Server, something used by big companies

Typically, big companies prefer to adopt KMS server as it is not the best to be buying separate Windows copy for their many systems.

Anytime they update their Windows, their machine is automatically updated without having to insert a key.

It identifies the KMS Server that is on the system, which is interconnected to one another. KMSAuto equally goes through a similar process to get your Windows activated.

Anytime your Windows is activated, it links up with the KMS Server, giving the Windows the impression it’s a genuine network. But, you can install it with the Keys instead.

KMSAuto always offers you the most recent keys for Windows activation. MS Office can be activated in just few clicks.

Key Features

KMSAuto offers users with multiple features. You must go through all the features before you install it on your system. That way, you’ll be conversant with what you are about to install.

KMSauto download

Let’s now move to the features list:

Activate Windows

KMSAuto promises free activation of your Windows OS. This is good if you’re looking to save cost.

It affords you the privilege of a genuine Windows status, which will be recognized by Microsoft as being original anytime you go online.

Many activators are capable of making your Windows genuine, but they cause your OS to be deactivated by Windows eventually.

Activate Microsoft Office

Is your MS Office using a third party backup as opposed to the genuine copy? Or have you exceeded your trial period, but you want to continue with a free version of that MS product? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, KMSAuto can be used for your Office activation.

The version of Office you are using is irrelevant, as it can be used for activating any version of Office, including 365.

That way, you can use the privileged features that come with any Office product for as long as you want.

Activate Windows Using Keys

If your KMS Server is a bit too complicated for you to manage, and you prefer to activate your Windows with a product key, then you can achieve that with KMSAuto.

You will save yourself the energy of trying to search for the appropriate keys on Google, knowing full well that many websites play on your intelligence, telling you that they have what you are looking for, when they don’t actually.

KMSAuto provides you with the right key for your Windows after identifying the version all by itself. All you need to do is copy the key and input it into your Activate Windows Section. That’s all!

No Advertisements

Another adorable advantage of this tool is that it lacks ads. That is unlike many activators out there that come with annoying ads.

You can be sure of activating your Windows OS & Office without been walked up by unnecessary ads.

Backup Files

It backs up your activation files automatically so that whenever you want to reinstall Windows, you won’t have to start all over again.

This feature is very helpful when you don’t have internet connection, or when you can’t find some files, or when your system gets corrupted all of a sudden.

Permanently Activate Windows

Using other activator tools to activate your Windows does not guarantee a permanent activation.

However, KMSAuto will ensure a permanent Windows activation for you. You do it once and for all.

100% Virus Free

KMSAuto is virus free and 100% secure. Do not bother about any viral intrusions, it’s malware proof, and has been evaluated by Virus Total, as well as being trusted by countless users online.

System Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4 Package installed on your computer.
  • You should be logged in as Administrator for it to work.
  • 5MB space on your Hard Disk is needed for installation.

Have you gone through the KMSAuto Activator features? Would you like to download it?

Download KMSAuto 2020

Let us proceed to the download link, as you learn how you can download KMSAuto via our download link.

First, click the download button on top. Upon clicking, a redirect will take you to our special download page.

On arriving at the page, click the download button you see, and you will be provided with a Mediafire link.

Click ‘Download Now’ on the Mediafire link, and the download will commence after a few seconds.

Download speed is a function of how fast your internet is.

How To Install KMSAuto

KMSAuto installation slightly differs from the regular software installation. You would need to disable your antivirus before starting the installation.

If you fail to disable your Windows Defender or antivirus, your KMSAuto will be deleted. Remember, it is virus free and very secure to use. However, this is very necessary because Microsoft sees the tool as not being supportive of their commercial goals.

KMSAuto is under Microsoft’s blacklist because they are activating MS Products for free.

Let us get on with the installation itself.

  • Disable your Windows Defender or antivirus.
  • Unzip file and input the password (You can find the password here).
  • After the file extraction, double click the icon and a screen will pop up for the installation.
  • Observe the on-screen instructions and KMSAuto will be set up in your system.

That’s all 😀 Isn’t it easy 😀

This is where we learn how to activate Windows and MS Office with KMSAuto. Follow the instructions beneath to avoid any potential mishap as you activate.

How To Activate Windows Using KMSAUTO

The Windows activation process is easy actually.


The process doesn’t take much time.

Next, restart your system after your KMSAuto installation.

After the restart, proceed to Windows Defender; disable Real-Time Protection (unless you cannot open KMSAuto)

Proceed to your Start Menu, you would find your KMSAuto there.

Click the KMSAuto symbol, a new KMSAuto Windows will come up on your computer screen.

You will be greeted with several options, just click on Activate Windows.

After a couple of seconds, a dialog box indicating installation success would appear. When you see that message, close KMSAuto and reboot your computer.

At this point, right-click My Computer and click Properties. The status of your Windows activation will be seen.

How To Activate Microsoft Office

When you are done with your Windows activation, you can proceed with Office activation.

The process is virtually similar to the last one. When you had to restart your computer after activating Windows.

Now, go to Windows Defender and disable Real-Time protection.

Proceed to your Start Menu and search for KMSAuto. Click on the logo the moment you see it.

Upon clicking it, KMSAuto will show on your computer screen.

Your first responsibility is opening any Office product such as Excel or Word.

After you have done that, do not maximize the Word or Excel window. Leave it opened the way it is and also open the KMSAuto.

If you look closely, you would discover a button known as Activate Office. Click that button while you wait for a little while.

After seeing the installation success message showing on your computer screen, restart the system.

After restarting your computer, go on to open Word before clicking on Files; you would discover there’s a menu called Account, you have to click on it. That is what will tell you if your version of Office has been activated.

If the product has not been activated yet, repeat the procedures and make sure you are doing it more carefully this time around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you gone through the KMSAuto features, download, installation and activation procedures, and you still have some more questions that you aren’t clear on?

If yes, then you ought to pay attention to this FAQs, which represent the most popular of the questions asked on the internet. These questions are product of renowned sites like Quora and the likes.

Will it activate the windows permanently or it has to be done over and over again within certain time intervals?

Yes, it will activate your Windows once and for all. No need to repeat the activation process after doing it successfully. You only need to do it again when you are reinstalling Windows.

Is this activator harmful to computers?

No, it’s not in any way harmful to your computer because it is malware-proof and virus free. You can use it without any fear of having your system hacked.

Is it illegal to use KMSAuto?

It is illegal. That is because this is a form of piracy. However, you can use it without any issues. After all, it will activate your system for you.

Where can one get the most recent KMSAuto copy?

You can get the most recent copy of KMSAuto on our site. We make sure we constantly update the links anytime there is any new update. That way, you won’t bother your head over any new version.

Is it possible to uninstall KMSAuto when Windows has been activated?

KMSAuto can be removed from your system, and your windows will not be deactivated. Your Windows will stay active until it is uninstalled.

Those were some of the most popular questions that were asked regarding KMSAuto. Check through the questions and see if you can find anything related to what you want, and if not, put in your question in the comments section.

I cannot wait to hear from you. I would love to clarify any misunderstandings that you may be having.

Best Alternatives

I’m hoping you enjoyed the KMSAuto activator. However, in a case where you don’t get exactly what you want with it, there are alternatives you can adopt to achieve the same goal.

There are several alternatives that you can use in place of KMSAuto. But, locating the right one is what might give you some trouble. As such, I have put together the most useful and reliable alternatives to KMSAuto.

They are safe for your using pleasure. You can check through them one after the other should the KMSAuto activator fail to work for you.

Let’s go through these alternatives:


KMSPico is first on our list because this activator has not failed and it is very straightforward to use.

This automatic activation software works exactly like KMSAuto. It equally adopts the popular KMS Server method for activating your windows.

It’s user-friendly and light, considering the size. Anyone can use this UI for activating their windows in a short while.

There are two methods to activating windows with KMSPico.

#1 auto-activation:

This activator comes with an automatic activation feature. As you install KMSPico 11 onto your system, you would notice an Auto KMS symbol, click on it and your Microsoft OS will be activated automatically.

#Manual Activation:

With the manual activation method, you have the option of selecting the type of product you intend to activate. Should you choose not to activate Windows or Office (or perhaps the product is already activated).

That way, the chances of files being overwritten will be greatly reduced. Also, this is useful in several instances.

This activator has its disadvantages. Have a look at the pros and cons list to know what you are getting yourself into.


  • Activates all Windows versions like 8, 8.1 & 10
  • It can activate any Microsoft Office versions from 2003 down to 365
  • KMSPico equally lets you activate your Windows Server
  • It does not need internet connection
  • 100% secure & safe
  • Virus and Trojans Proof
  • Light-weight
  • User-friendly


  • Cannot activate Windows 7
  • It usually requests administrator permission

Microsoft Toolkit

Here is another suitable activator for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. EZ activator was the first ever name of Microsoft Toolkit.

Microsoft Toolkit functions on the basis of KMS Server, replacing the initial files with those that are auto-generated. This activator is efficient on 32bit and 64bit processors.

It is capable of activating whatever versions of Office and Windows, and the best part is that it supports activation of Windows 7. If you still use Windows 7, Microsoft Toolkit looks like your best shot.

It activates the system once and for all, which means you can save yourself the nightmare of constantly checking for your activation status. It equally gives you the genuine keys that you can employ for the activation process should you detest the method of KMS

This activator does not cost anything, and is devoid of any useless ads. You don’t need internet connection to use it. It can work as a standalone.

You can be sure of activating your Windows and Windows Server with Microsoft Toolkit.

Let’s go through the Pros & Cons that comes with this alternative:


  • It can activate any Windows versions (Including Windows 7)
  • It can activate all the version of MS Office
  • Permanent activation of your office and windows
  • Microsoft Toolkit promises a Genuine Activation


  • Administrator Privileges will be needed to run this activator
  • You will have to disable Anti-Virus prior to commencing installation

Windows Loader

This tool has equally been known as Windows 7 Loader. It is a product of Team Daz development work. This tool is good for activating any Windows 7 version.

Team Daz has had a great reputation for coming up with activators like these, if you have been into activators before now, this name must ring a bell for you.

There are two methods of activating your windows with this tool. The first is by automatic activation while the other method uses generation of custom keys. Any one of the two methods you prefer will be up to you.

It equally works with Virtual Machines. Another beautiful thing is the fact that it works with virtually all languages. Therefore, if you are making use of your Windows in a language that is not English, Windows Loader seems like your best bet for getting an activation.

It comes with a feature that helps you reset your trial whenever it expires. It is extremely good when you are not comfortable with third-party activators, or when you are not sure they will wreak havoc on your system.

Windows Loader doesn’t cost a dime and is an Ads free tool.

Let’s check out the Pros & Cons of Windows 7 Loader:


  • Automatically Detects System Information
  • Activates Windows 7 OS
  • Generates Authentic Keys For Manual Activation
  • Feature for Auto Activation
  • Trial Reset Feature
  • Supports More Than one Languages
  • Bypass the Genuine Windows Verification



  • It activates Microsoft Windows alone
  • Perhaps it has some bugs because it has not been updated for a while now.

These represent a couple of the best as well as most used Windows Activators yet. I have explored these options, which is why I am recommending them for you. By implementing any of the alternatives above or KMSAuto, your windows can be permanently activated without you having to pay a dime.


This is a complete and short guide for KMSAuto Activator. You are recommended to explore this activator since it is the best tool for activating Office products and Windows.

I have equally talked of some good alternatives to KMSAuto that you have to explore as well. These activators are good in their unique way.

Did you get a chance to see the list of features? If you didn’t, then go through it. That way, you will be more enlightened on what you can achieve with a tool like this. I have equally talked about the installation guide. So if you didn’t quite catch that, you can go back and look at it.

This is necessary, so you don’t end up making any mistakes during your installation. You just learned about the most reliable ways to activate any Microsoft products you have without paying a dime.

Share this article with friends and bookmark the site for future updates. We release new activators once a month.

KMSAuto Net

KMSAuto Net happens to be a zero-cost tool that is necessary for activating Microsoft Products like Windows and Office. It supports activation of Windows 8, 8.1 & 10. It supports MS office products, including 365.

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Activator

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