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KMSpico Download Activator – Activate Windows 10 and Office

Register Any Microsoft OS Or Office Suite With KMSPICO Activator

Microsoft is well-known for producing good quality operating system and office tools. These tools have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. However, most of the tools that Microsoft makes these days are so expensive that it becomes difficult for the existing users to upgrade to the new software. So, the users end up using their existing operating system and office tools; no matter how outdated they are!

If you wish to install and use Microsoft Office and Operating System tools but are unable to afford it, then you can use KMSPICO. KMSPICO Activator is an amazing activation program, which turns the unregistered copy of your windows program into a registered one.

Mentioned below are the lists of Microsoft Programs that can be registered by using KMSPICO official tool.

KMSPICO Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system introduced by Microsoft and most of the new systems come preinstalled with Windows 10; of course at additional costs. The user-interface and other features such as; user personalization, multiple windows, inbuilt security, etc. of Windows 10 has made it one of the most widely used operating system. Some of the popular versions of Windows 10 that you can register by using KMSPICO installer are listed below.

  • Windows 10 Home – Basic Home Edition of Windows 10 can be used by only one system, and as the name suggests it is the most recommended one for home usage.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise – The Enterprise edition of Windows 10 is advisable for business organizations because of its advanced security and cloud management features.
  • Windows 10 Education and Pro Education – This version is a highly recommended operating system for both students and educators alike.
  • Windows 10 Pro – The professional version of Windows comes in 32 bit and 64 bit, and is recommended for users who wish to take their business on the go.

No matter which operating system you prefer, KMS Pico can turn all of them into official versions.

KMSPICO Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is still one of the most used operating systems due to its tile layout and amazing interface. Windows 8.1 is available in three different versions such as; Windows 8.1 Basic, Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows 8.1 Enterprise. No matter which version of the operating system you like, you can turn all of them into authorized copies by using KMSPICO.

Windows 7

Although this operating system is obsolete, there are lots of users who still prefer using them. You can convert all versions of Windows 7 through KMSPICO; whether it is the starter edition, home basic, home premium, or the professional edition.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription based office utility tool developed by Microsoft. The owner can use all features of the software during the subscription period. The good thing about Office 365 is that it is constantly evolving and new features are made available to the users at no extra cost, as they can get all new features once the auto-update takes place. With KMSPICO, you don’t have to purchase the subscription for Office 365 as you can enjoy the product for free.

Office 2019

It is the latest version of Microsoft Office and is considered as the most advanced Microsoft Office tool to date. The tool also includes lots of add-on features, some of them were earlier restricted only to Office 365. If you have a trial copy of Office 2019 then you can turn it into a fully-functioning registered copy with KMSPICO.

Office 2016

The Office 2016 created revolution in productivity suite software when it introduced an option to create, edit, and save files in cloud right from desktops. The software also has data loss prevention feature, which minimizes the risk of losing your important data. The Office 2016 comes in different versions namely Home & Student, Home & Business, Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus. With the help of KMSPICO, you can convert all of them into registered versions.

Office 2013

Office 2013 was the first program to introduce gesture features for tablets and touchscreen laptops. The suite also introduced amazing features such as converting a PDF file into word, flash filling data, converting power point presentation to video format, etc. All these features made life easy for innumerable working professionals. The Office 2013 was also released into five different editions in order to cater to different markets and users. By using KMSPICO Office 2013, you can use all amazing features that the tool has to offer.

Other Office Suites

KMSPICO can also register other essential office tools such as Office 2010 and Office 2007. These tools are hardly been used, but they still remain as an ideal analytics tool for the users with low end systems.

Why Do You Need To Register?

Nowadays, you can easily avail a trial copy of your favorite software but once the trial period is over, you are required to purchase the product in order to continue using all the features. If you do not purchase the license, then you will not be able to enjoy all features of the program. This will thereby increase the chances of security breach and data loss. However, by registering your favorite software with KMSPICO, you can enjoy all the benefits that were earlier restricted to the licensed users.

How To Download KMSPICO?

In order to turn trial or unofficial version of any of the above mentioned Microsoft tools, you need to download and install KMSPICO. You will come across multiple tools which are similar to KMSPICO, but none of them is as safe as KMSPICO.  So, ensure that you download the KMSPICO Official tool below, as it is tested to be free from malware and other viruses. An interesting aspect about the tool is that it is less than 10 MB in size and requires minimal installation space. Once the tool is downloaded, just double click on the exe file in order to initiate installation. As soon as it is installed, you can turn unauthorized or trail version of your favorite Microsoft software into an authorized one.


It is very easy to use KMSPICO as you have to only select the name of the program that you wish to register, and everything else will be taken care by the tool itself. The entire process will take approximately five minutes, and then you can turn your trial or unauthorized version into a fully-registered version, that too for free. Note that KMSPICO can only convert your preinstalled unregistered copy into registered one. You cannot install the tool after running the program. You can download a copy of your software from software download section of Microsoft website.

How KMSPICO Works?

Nowadays, most of the big companies use KMS or Key Management Server in order to validate the authenticity of the product. The activation key entered is validated by the Key Management Server and once authenticated, the software is then licensed. KMSPICO helps in authenticating your Microsoft Tool by creating a copy of a KMS server on your computer. Thus, letting you use all features of the tool without any worries forever.

Why Should You Use KMSPICO?

KMSPICO is a true money saver, as it saves a good amount of money that is required to purchase an official copy of the product. Apart from money saving, listed below are some other reasons of using KMSPICO.

  • Virus Free – Every updated version of KMSPICO tool is tested to be free from malware and other viruses. This is done to ensure that you do not face any problems during installation. Due to this feature, KMSPICO is one of the most widely used free activation tool on the Internet.
  • Lifetime Activation – Most of the software available online will offer a temporary solution, which requires you to enter a new activation key every 30 days or so. However, if you activate your products by using KMSPICO, then it will stay as a licensed copy for a lifetime.
  • User-Friendly – The operation of the tool is extremely user-friendly and any person with basic knowledge of computers can use it. In order to activate, all you need to do is just select your desired tool and press a few clicks.
  • Detection Free – The tool is updated frequently so that it stays undetected from Microsoft KMS servers. Due to this feature, you can enjoy uninterrupted services from the installed programs.
  • Compatibility – It is designed to work on all operating systems, but the minimum requirement needed is Microsoft Windows XP. You can use the tool on both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems, thus concluding that you can use the tool on any system.
  • Updates – One of the finest aspect for using KMSPICO is that you will be able to enjoy all new features as and when Microsoft releases them. This denotes that your operating system and your office suite will always be updated with new features.

All these features surely make KMSPICO the best online tool for registering Microsoft products. If you are still not convinced, then download it for free and check it out now!

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